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Hellsing's Doll World

Join the crazies!

Hello, I'm hellsing365, and this is my doll journal! If you want a private journal my username there is hellsing0916


My harem of men consists of....

Sage is a Soulkid Harang boy on a Angell Studio body.
Uke of Andrew. He first entered the rp at age 15, and is now 24 years old. He is a Squire and companion of the princess. Through a turn of events, Sage will eternally look 14, at least until Andrew breaks his end of the deal.
His last name is unknown, and Sage is only a nickname given to him by Andrew. His real name is Hylan.
He's been in doll form with me since January 16th 2007. Faceup by alchmicaladagio

Keiji Nakamura is a Cerberus Project El.
He wears an eyepatch over his blind left eye. In place of that missing piece, there sits a green glass eye. Keiji claims to be Asexual. But I've been leaning him towards bi. He is a mercenary, with his partner Kaz. He is married to Kaoru (andrewdoll's doll) and frequently takes the roll of Sage's father.
His birthday is on April 10th 2007. He has a company faceup with minor mods by me.

Kai Wilder is an Elfdoll Red.
He is Andrew's other Uke. Probably the most heterosexual acting Uke that anyone would ever meet. Kai met Andrew before Sage did. His story first came to a tragic end in 2006. But I had re-created him not long after, and he is still alive. He's a very laid back and loving character. Kai is a famous artist and a bird lover. He came to the rp as a Scottish rebel.
He was bought 2nd hand. Birthday was May 20th. He arrived to me in October 2007 unfinished. Faceup by alchmicaladagio and thus was finished in early December.

Haru is inbodied in a Cerberus Project Beauty White(green!) Breakaway.
This boy is a multiple personality mess. Kaz is his other personality, and there used to be a third known as Kael. Though he mainly stays in form of 'Haru' he does have the others. Haru is a model... and frequently gives Kai trouble over Andrew.
Birthday for all are unknown. As they came at different times (the personalities). And he's bought second hand. Arrived in October 2007 and was finished in early December. Faceup by alchmicaladagio


Kaz. Kaz is Haru's second personality. He is Keiji's partner in their mercenary adventures. Kaz is also as straight as Keiji, he really does like women, but men work too. Always seme, very aggressive, possessive, and cruel. Has an odd obsession with Kai. While Haru has green eyes, his own are Blue, and the third (kael) who won't be seen frequently has brown eyes. Arrived Dec 16th 2008, Received December 22nd 2008. Finished _____

Kanone Hilbert is a CP Harang head! He will share a body with Kaz.
He is married to Conor (belongs to andrewdoll ) and my first homosexual character. Introduced when he was 14, he's now well into adulthood. He's one of the least photographed of my dolls. Bought roughly around the same time as the others but he wasn't finished until Febuary 2008. Faceup by alchmicaladagio

Angel Studio BW Gus head ~ new faceup practice head. Came with Kaoru's body. (April 2008?)

These dolls belong to andrewdoll but you will sometimes see them here. Most of the time i'll just be referring over to them.

Sir Andrew Rosen. (pic from 07)
Andrew (Kai and Sage's seme) is a Senior Delf Abadon with a faceup by Shuui.
He's always had problems with being faithful, but does love both Sage and Kai (in their separate RP's) I love him as a character <3 he's one of the older characters too.
He went home with andrewdoll in August 2007

Kaoru is the first french resin doll I've ever got to see in first hand. His mold is a Angell Studio Gus.
Once a Siamese twin, now married to Keiji, Kaoru's life is more of a pet then anything else.
He will be going home with andrewdoll in September 2008
Faceup by alchmicaladagio

naomi was my first doll. I got her in August of 2006. She was an Angel Region little fair ren girl ^^ i sold her because i was ready to go onto my next dolls and get out of the 'beginners' and because we never bonded.

Kris was a white doll zone yi head. i got him from Australia for $50 to practice faceups on. He served his purpose, and got sold on to someone else for the same reason i had bought him.

The first Kai was a Souldoll lune. I hate the nose so out he went. (bought December 16th 2006, arrived exactly one month later, sold in may/june on layway) he had a faceup by alchmicaladagio

Adult Sage has been sold. He's a DIM White Skin Angelo. I will not be replacing adult Sage. He was bought in late 07 from Brazil. His faceup was done by Dandansama (DoA)

Kae-a-shin was a Volks Yo-SD Ayumu.
Bought in November 2007. He had the Volks Default faceup, but was repainted in November 07 by alchmicaladagio later sold (that month) to yoruya

Misc Head's I've sold:
CP modded sleeping Harang, DIM Rain